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Sand Dunes

Non-Clinical Experience

Decades of experience in leadership, working with youth, and addressing environmental factors of development

Executive Director

Kesher Families

March 2022-Present

Helping people keep a kesher (connection) by supporting Orthodox families with a loved one who is LGBTQ+

   Sessions with Kesher staff for families, free of charge

   Education and training for communal leaders and organizations


The Hampton Synagogue

January 2017-Present

Serving a year-round community with large seasonal membership; over 300 member-families

   Weekly classes on contemporary Jewish topics

   Oversee summer and holiday youth groups

Contributing Writer


October 2015-December 2018

Covered parenting, gender, and culture; intersections of Judaism and pop culture

Community Educator

Great Neck Synagogue

September 2013-June 2015

Taught adults and adolescents in weekly and monthly classes, Hebrew school students with ADHD

Feature Writer
/ Culture Editor


September 2011-March 2015

Covered new and exciting tech, intersection of culture and technology


The Hampton Synagogue

May 2006-September 2011

Taught Hebrew school, adult classes, remedial Jewish education for adults

Freelance Journalist

The Jewish Press

February 2008-April 2012

Interviewed celebrities, covered areas of interest such as maternal health

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