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a look at the intersection of halacha, hashkafa, and societal values


Get to Know Me

I grew up in a small Orthodox community in Pennsylvania, getting the typical Torah u'Mesorah and Bais Yaakov education.  Then I veered off, moving to Yerushalayim for a year, and returning to complete high school at Bruriah. Two years of seminary led to Stern, and then another huge jump sideways. I switched to City College, started working at the OU, and finished my undergraduate degree in Humanities and Sociology at SUNY.

I was fortunate to study for one year at Drisha with Devorah Zlochower, R' Moshe Kahn, Tammy Jacobowitz, and Wendy Amsallem. I've been a rebbetzin for 13 years and have taught all ages at The Hampton Synagogue and Great Neck Synagogue. As the rebbetzin of The Hampton Synagogue I was in the first cohort of community rebbetzins certified as Kallah Teachers, jointly run by Nishmat, the OU, and the RCA in early 2018. I attend the annual RCA Rebbetzins Yarchei Kallah run jointly with YU's CJF.


I'm currently a dual degree student in the therapy track at Widener University's Human Sexuality program. I am pursuing an MSW and an MEd in Human Sexuality. I'm in generalist placement as a social worker in a middle school and a high school. My passion is working with the Jewish community, anywhere that Judaism and sexuality intersect. Bringing together my background of halachic knowledge with specialized training in the field of sexuality will allow me to best educate and serve my future clients.


In March 2019 'The Diagnosis' was published by Grok Nation for World Down Syndrome Day. This collaboration with Chari Pere tells the story of our prenatal journey and subsequent adjustment to parenting a child with Down Syndrome. This new role opened my eyes to the need for sexual education for people with disabilities as well as their loved ones.

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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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